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A VIRTUAL masterclass to unlock your potential & find your flow again 

this is for you if…

  • You have become detached from your WHY, and feel un-motivated, uninspired and lacking passion and direction in life

  • You have experienced a setback and feeling stuck in that energy

  • You feel a deep calling within you, but struggling to bring it to life

  • You're experiencing way too many days when you want to just crawl back into bed and not deal with life

  • You need a spark to get you energised and excited about life again

  • You want to get back on track with your 2023 goals 

  • You know what you need, but need support and guidance to make it happen!


  • 60-minute interactive Zoom masterclass with recording provided 

  • An opportunity to be coached by Award-winning certified life coach, Yolanda Finette

  • Downloadable workbook with supporting  worksheets, tools and many bonus resources

  •  Grounding visualisation activity 

  • Space for reflection, yarns and questions

  • An Upbeat, energetic and FUN masterclass to leave you feeling pumped!


Thursday August 10th 6pm AEST

during this masterclass

gain clarity on

who you want to BE

Reflect on who you are when you are in your power and at your best.

The things taking up your mental & physical space

Learn the steps to intentionally organise your thoughts and spaces to create clarity and allow for new energy to flow 


The Action Steps

Tips to cut through overwhelm and create an action plan that you can stick to


Your Holistic Wellbeing 

Taking a moment to check in with yourself and reconnect with the practices that support you 




We all go through periods of time when we lack motivation, purpose and vision. It can feel like we have disconnected from what we know to be true about ourselves and instead choose to spend our days binging on junk tv and ignoring the whispers to nurture and honour ourselves.


I believe that these periods are important for us to go though.  I call them cocoon seasons and see them as an opportunity to rest, disconnect and prepare to emerge like butterflies into a new version of ourselves. These periods only become a problem when we can't seem to find our way out of the cocoon.

I personally experience cocoon season a few times a year and I have learned the importance of  allowing.   The more I surrender to it, the sooner the season passes. Becoming unstuck is about moving back into alignment and into our powerbase and I can't wait to share my holistic healing and practical techniques with you. 



"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are" - Anon  

IN THIS MAsterclass

I will share with you a combination of holistic healing methods and  coaching techniques to walk you through my six-step Unstuck process:

  1. Re-aligning with your life purpose, your dreaming and what puts that fire in your belly 

  2. De-clutter your mental, physical and spiritual spaces

  3. Taking small aligned action steps

  4. Honour, nurture and reconnect with yourself with self-care, compassion and awareness while recognising the underlying  systems at play

  5. Connecting to what and who gives us inspiration and motivation

  6. Finding the right support , resources and accountability 


You will walk away from the masterclass feeling clear about your next steps, motivated, energized, inspired and excited to take on the rest of 2023 


If you are ready to emerge from your cocoon and get back into your essence and life flow, then this masterclass is for you 


~ This workshop is open to folks of all identities ~

When: Thursday August 10th, 2023

Time: 6:00 PM AEDT

Where: Zoom


Tier 1: $29

Tier 2: $19

see you there

Yolanda xo

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