honouring you

Connect, REFLECT and find your way home

A 6-week Immersive Experience



I’m so glad you’re here!

Honouring Self is about our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and the actions that result according to those thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

During difficult times, particularly where the collective energy feels denser, it can feel much more challenging to stay on top of activities that we previously may have accomplished with ease.

  •  Feeling a sense of grief, loss or overwhelm about the world around you?

  • Need a safe space to yarn & allow your emotions in a judgement-free space without limitation?

  • Feeling a bit isolated & need a supportive group to connect with?

  • Struggling to regulate your nervous system & needing support to stay grounded?

  • Feeling depleted & have been giving to your family, job, community from an empty cup? 


HOW ARE YOU, really?

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