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Client Celebration & Appreciation

Thank you all for trusting in me to support you to create some really life-changing shifts.

Coaching as a First Nations woman in my community is unique. Many of the people I work with are often those I know personally, know of, or am related to.

I am so grateful for the reciprocal lessons, knowledge and wisdom that I gain from each experience.

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Larryn Lewis

For me, this was the gentle affirming push I needed to organise my thoughts, set out real goals and set up plans on how to reach them.


I found Yolanda’s approach to be gentle but progressive and effective.


I would recommend Yolanda's coaching services to my friends and family who seek guidance.


Kirsten Bonds

Yolanda is very powerful and speaks from the heart and with integrity.


She is a vision of empowerment and self-love for not only Aboriginal Women but all women. 


Yolanda walks the talk and is an inspiration, women attending her workshop felt inspired and a sense of connection to her words.


Olivia Bentley

After hearing lots of great things about coaching and about Yolanda in particular, when the opportunity arose to work with Yolanda I had no reason to say no!



I love the way Yolanda creates a safe space for me to feel witnessed, seen and heard.


She can then draw me in from the noise and help me unpack it  in the moment. I leave with a spiritual, emotional, business and life plan and actions moving forward.


I feel like I am finding my anchor and wings at the same time.




You rock! Your sparkling, joyful and open character made working with you an absolute joy!


The depth of your sessions, yet the fluid approach to topics and tasks enabled me to open up, share and thereby clear my view to see and recognise not only my path moving forwards but my readiness and qualification for it!


After our coaching, I now feel elated to write the next chapter of my career!


Kenita-Lee McCartney

Through coaching with Yolanda, I have been able to understand and unpack strategies and tools which are helping me work to build my inner strength as an Aboriginal woman. 

Yolanda has provided a culturally safe approach to support my healing journey. Being an Aboriginal woman herself, she provides an understanding through a First Nations lens.


I've been provided with a supportive space to unpack intergenerational traumas, my self-worth, self-love, identity, unpacking and strengthening my purpose.

Yolanda is leading the way in First Nations wellbeing and healing approaches.


Alison Brown
University of Melbourne

Yolanda provided a powerful workshop on life coaching from an Aboriginal perspective.


Yolanda was very engaging, thoughtful and provided fantastic insights into building cultural connections.


Her workshop was very practical with lots of examples and really useful tools and resources. I would highly recommend Yolanda.


Nikki Foy
City of Ballarat

Yolanda is very powerful and speaks from the heart and with integrity.


She is a vision of empowerment and self-love for not only Aboriginal Women but all women. 


Yolanda walks the talk and is an inspiration, women attending her workshop felt inspired and a sense of connection to her words.


Mim Jenkinson


Thank you so much Yolanda for truly seeing me, for believing in me and for giving me the courage and confidence to become - or re-become - my true self.


Working with you was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my own personal development and it's absolutely changed the way I will always treat myself and others.


Thank you for your compassion, grace, understanding and generosity during our time together.


Harinandhini Tamilchelvan

Working with Yolanda was one of the best investments I’ve made!


Yolanda is a beautiful life coach with such amazing energy, she is going to transform your life!


Yolanda had helped me become so confident and sure of myself and step into an amazing version of myself.


Domica Hill

Yolanda was amazing. From being understanding and empathetic at the beginning, supportive throughout to hilarious yet still professional at the end.


I am sure to do more sessions with her in the future as I can't think of anyone else I'd rather work through goals with!!


Peta Hudson

Keep shining, absolutely love your work because, my experience is unique as a First Nations woman, I felt safe, supported & culturally respected.

I can remember what I wrote the first time, I wanted to write this again to remind me & hopefully give an insight to my growth.

Big love & thank you again for inspiring me, teaching me Grace & it is okay to hurt, just don't get stuck there, your authentic presence is a blessing to me.

I would highly recommend Yolanda for coaching anyone, her insights, integrity, and culturally safe practises make it so easy to trust, heal, learn new ways of viewing experiences, goal setting and strategies.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am so excited for my future, and I hope you know how deadly you are!


Jo Porter
Queen Victoria
Women’s Centre

Yolanda was an absolute delight to work with!


Lynette Russell
Monash University

Yolanda is delightful to work with, she is engaged, open, and extremely knowledgeable.


Highly recommend.


Jacinta Walsh
Monash Indigenous
Studies Centre

Yolanda's methods and style of delivery and communication is culturally driven which made the experience really special.


Jaci Rogash 
Jaci Rogash Coaching

I have worked with Yolanda on a couple of different projects and absolutely love working with her. She is easy to approach and so open to discuss the collaborations to make sure it aligns with both of us. 


Yolanda is an incredible speaker, engaging, compassionate and open to speaking and answering questions from a place of honesty and integrity. 


Yolanda has a wealth of experience and is such a captivating speaker. 


The way Yolanda honours herself, her needs, her community and her ability to show up from a place of authenticity is something to be truly admired.

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