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Hi there!

I’m so glad you’re here!

I'm a proud Yorta Yorta, African American and Greek Woman. I am passionate about facilitating powerful shifts that support Black, Indigenous & People of Colour to embody their power, purpose and potential.

I know what it’s like to feel as though life is happening TO you.

THERE WAS A point IN MY LIFE where I felt completely disconnected from who I was.


I know what it’s like to look into the future and struggle to see and believe what’s possible for yourself.

I know that seeing past the stuckness and disconnection can leave you feeling lost and powerless. It can feel hard to reignite the passion and zest you once had for life.


You may feel like the only person in the world who’s ever felt the way you’re feeling right now.

YolandaFinette_ConsultantandHolisticCoach_MelbourneAus.jpg.jpg was time to face my fears So, I took the action I needed to and that fear soon turned INto excitement!

it doesn’t have to be this way


As a self-proclaimed late bloomer in life, I’m the first to admit that I’ve made a few wrong turns over the years. But eventually, I started to figure things out.

I’ve navigated many of life’s obstacles including family violence, addiction, depression, anxiety and self-loathing.


Today, I’m a happy entrepreneur, mum of three and wife to my soul mate Damien.


I live a rich, balanced and fulfilling life that includes travel and experiencing new cultures, adventures, fun, and connection with some amazing people.

but life wasn’t always like this for me. I HAVE faced life’s ultimate tests head-on


I felt misaligned with the systems I was working with and my beliefs, values, and morals felt compromised - it left me stressed out, depressed, fatigued and empty.

I was totally burnt out and I knew I wasn’t serving my community in the way my soul desired.

After over 25-years in Child, Youth and Family Services in both  Australia and the United States, it was time for change.

So how did I get myself out of this dark place?

Once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

I realised that in order for my life, my family to live the life we so deserved it would mean making changes and taking risks.


I am a survivor and through the chaos, I’ve come out stronger than ever

I am a survivor – and through the chaos, I’ve come out stronger than ever on the other side.

I’ve taken myself on a self-directed journey of healing, reconnection, and personal growth.

I’m the woman I am today because I chose to be her.

I developed a strong body, mind and spirit through a holistic healing journey and I want to help you do the same.

If you’re spiralling down a path of procrastination or self-sabotage, moving one step forward and two steps back every time you try to chase your dreams, you are NOT alone.

I deeply welcome you to a part of my world. And, you best believe that if you are here, it’s because it’s exactly where you’re meant to be.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s better health, stronger relationships, more confidence, or a promotion. The most important thing is for you to know that there IS a way for you to move forward.





For me to say “I’m done”, was very scary stuff.

What would others think of me? Would I be able to make it financially? Would this risk be worth it?

But it was time to face my fears - so, I took the action I needed to and that soon that turned to excitement.

Today, I embrace my multi-dimensional identity and it’s through this lens that I take up my righteous and sacred space in this world.


It’s my greatest intention to ignite and inspire your soul to create the most amazing version of your life possible.


Maybe you need to get unstuck and find some solutions to the blocks that have shown up in your path.

Perhaps you need to reignite your energy and passion to feel in alignment with your true self and purpose.


Or possibly it’s time to challenge those limiting beliefs and negative tapes that keep playing over and over and hold you back from living your best life ever.

I’d love to be that person to help you get there!




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