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honouring you

join me!

Connect, REFLECT and find your way home

An 8-week Immersive Experience

Starts Monday  07 March 2022

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I’m so glad you’re here!

Honouring Self is about listening, connecting and balancing mind, body & spirit.

The more we allow for healing, the more we are returned to self, to our wholeness which allows a clear channel to connect with country, to connect with our ancestral medicine and remember our truth, our essence, and our purpose.

During difficult times, particularly where the collective energy feels more dense, it can feel much more challenging to stay on top of rituals that we previously may have accomplished with ease.


Join me with Special Guests for an 8-week Online Immersive Experience Centering First Nations Wisdom, Healing and Knowledge Systems to Navigate Challenging Times

HOW ARE YOU, really?

  • Feeling a sense of grief, loss or overwhelm about the world around you?

  • Need a safe space to yarn & allow your emotions in a judgement-free space without limitation?

  • You want to elevate your healing journey cultivate more awareness, wellbeing and connection in your life

  • Feeling a bit isolated & need a supportive group to connect with?

  • Struggling to regulate your nervous system & needing support to stay grounded?

  • Feeling depleted & have been giving to your family, job, community from an empty cup?


"Thank you so much Yolanda for sharing your vision and knowledge into an online platform called Honouring YOU it was a friendly, enjoyable and a safe place.


Even though we weren't face to face it still felt connected, every session I came away learning something from either the guest speaker on the night or via the open yarning that was naturally occurring. 


The guest speakers make you realise we all have gifts that can be shared if given the right opportunity at the right time."


- Leetina

"A beautiful, warm, welcoming experience where wisdom and knowledge was shared with openness, respect and interest. 


Yolanda created a safe space full of interaction and it was a wonderful way to spend time on ourselves whilst meeting and engaging with wonderful people. "


- Artemis

"Honouring You has given me permission to breathe, live and love my spirituality that goes hand in hand with my Aboriginality.


I am strengthened by the connections to the other sisters in the group, grounded by what I have learned from them, and empowered to recognise and embrace the spiritual side of me.

I feel like I am at the start of the most wonderful journey, and Honouring You has given me the ticket."





Managing, acknowledging, and validating feelings & emotions by drawing on your own Ancestral Knowledge and Guidance Systems to support you

Anchor into Sustainable and Supportive Rituals and Habits to

Cultivate more Self-awareness and Compassion to manage Uncertain Times


Session 1: Honouring Your Emotions

Guest Facilitator: Emma Stewart of Jirribitti Dreaming

Activity: Breathing Beats

Lee Couch_HonouringYouYolandaFinette_10WeekOnilneImmersion.jpg

Session 2: Honouring Your Mind

Guest Facilitator: Lee Couch of L.A Couch

Activity: Meditation through culture and connection to country


Session 3: Honouring Your Body

Guest Facilitator: Tracy Hardy of Wattleseed Nutrition

Activity: Cooking Demonstration with Native ingredients

Peta Hudson_HonouringYouYolandaFinette_10WeekOnilneImmersion.jpg.jpg

Session 4: Honouring Your Spirit

Guest Facilitator: Peta Hudson of Wunyun Indigenous Healing

Activity: Spiritual & Cultural practices that protect your spirit.


Nartarsha Bamblett  Jina Jari Journey & Queen Acknowledgements
Megan Waters  Co-Host Yokayi Footy.png

Shantelle Thompson

Barkindji Warrior

Founder Kiilalaana & Kiilalaana Warrior Kii

Nartarsha Bamblett 
Jina Jari Journey &

Queen Acknowledgements

Megan Waters 
Co-Host Yokayi Footy &

Owner of Megan Waters Coaching

Lena Charles  Spark Health.png
Deborah Munson  Baagi Milaygiin .png

Lena Charles 
Spark Health 

Amanda-Jean Hoskins

Owner Wax Treasures Feathers


  • Learn ways of healing through an Aboriginal cultural & wellbeing perpective

  • 4x Powerful Co-Facilitators

  • Interactive sessions with Aboriginal Healers & Practitioners

  • 90-minute Zoom Sessions in the evenings

  • Workbook & additional resources

  • A safe , sacred & interactive and reflective space


  • This program is open to people of all identities

  • Online Wellness Threads with Reflective Questions

  • Weekly Affirmations and Journal Prompts

  • Weekly Online Meditations, Recipes, Oracle Card Pulls & Breathwork Sessions








4x Online Immersion sessions with Aboriginal Healing practitioners held via Zoom


Interactive yarning space and live coaching including co-creating experiences with other incredible people in the program


A Healing Pack with products and resources hand-picked by each Practitioner 


A private Facebook Community - your safe space to share and journey with each other and access additional supports and resources. The Facebook group will include additional support from me. 

Interviews with Aboriginal community members working in the wellbeing and healing space and Elders to provide added support, strength, tools and resources 

Weekly Affirmations, Oracle Card pulls, Journal Prompts,  Wellbeing Threads and masterclasses held within the Facebook community 


honouring you

Connect, REFLECT and find your way home

An 8-week Immersive Experience

Starts Monday 07 March 2022

~ This program is welcome to people of all identities ~


I have created two tiers for pricing to be inclusive for all PLUS a pay-it-forward option if you would like to gift this experience on.



This style of pricing relies on the principles of truthfulness, respect for complexity, and accountability. You deserve opportunities that recognise the multiple layers of economic access and privilege that exist.


I love that our Community thrives when the value of accountability is central because this is where our trust grows together as our work deepens. 


TIER 1: $520 AU

This is the true cost for our 8-week Immersion - it is reflective of what I have created together with our co-facilitators to hold a safe space with you.

$520.00 AUD per person

6 fortnightly payments of $88.40

TIER 2: $396 AU

This tier is my acknowledgement that paying the full cost would prevent some from being able to attend but who would also really benefit from this time together.

$396.00 AUD per person

6 FORTNIGHTLY payments of $67.32

see you there

Yolanda xo

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